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Updated: 30/05/2024

Special dates for your calendar:

  • Sunday June 16th – LUANDA WORKSHOP in Cambridge 4pm-6pm then evening class 7.30pm
  • All other Sundays are OPEN AS USUAL – Class 7.30pm, Social 8.30pm
  • Get free music from !

Luanda Pau workshops 2024

It is an absolute delight to welcome the amazing Luanda Pau in Cambridge again, for a series of three workshops to bring your Cuban movement to the top! As a native from Cuba, Luanda comes from a legendary dance family in Havana. Her mum Rosa Baquero was the artistic director and choreographer of the famous Cabaret “Parisien & Tropicana de Cuba“, and her dad is the legendary Afro-Cuban dance Maestro Domingo Pau. Before starting her dance career, Luanda was in athletics. Luanda is a trained professional dancer and teacher: after graduating from the Cuba’s National School of Arts in 1994, she entered the renowned National Folkloric Ballet of Cuba (NFBC), where she danced as a soloist and principal dancer, particularly known for being a master in the role of Oya and Yemayá.

After relocating to the South of France, she was a solo dancer in the cabaret show at the Casino de Montecarlo in Monaco, and she graduated with a bachelor’s in cultural activities and sports & education and has an extensive history working with children and adults as an independent dance teacher. We look up to her as one of our reference masters to check that what we teach at Cambridge Cuban Salsa is truly and authentically embracing Cuban roots and culture. Her teaching style is at the same time relaxing, energising and very clear, and she is very approachable and open for questions: as a teacher, she will push your style while expressing attention, care and encouragement for you as a person to make your progress the best that it can be.

The workshops with Luanda will happen on Sundays April 28th, May 12th and June 16th, 2024.
The schedule on those dates is 4pm-6pm workshop, then 19:30 evening class with Luanda.
The venue is the Lab Bar, 90 Regent Street, CB2 1DP.
The workshop price includes the evening class for free. We are not able to reduce the workshop price if you can’t make the evening class.
Luanda is an internationally acclaimed Cuban teacher and is travelling from London to join us. We are doing our best to keep the workshops affordable while being able to cover the costs of her visit.

I hope that you are excited as I am to welcome Luanda again in our city, as it is always a privilege and a pleasure to learn with her – thank you all for supporting such a fantastic event!

Pricing for afternoon workshop including evening class and social at no extra cost: 1 date £34.- / 2 dates £65.- / 3 dates £95.-.
Please book now! 🎵💃🕺🏻🎶🌴😃

Weekly classes information

We are open every week as normal on Sundays from 19:30 at The Lab Bar, 90 Regent Street, CB2 1DP.

Beginners are warmly welcome!
  • No previous dance experience needed.
  • No special dress code, just wear comfortable shoes and come as you are.
  • Each class has a separate teacher for beginners so the level of challenge will be appropriate for you.

Just show up for a class and we will get you started in a friendly, safe and inclusive environment!

Sundays – Evening class and social
  • 19:30 – Casino Cuban Salsa partnerwork / Rueda, 2 levels, each with their own teacher.
    Beginners: Make your first steps in salsa: basic footwork, bodywork, lead/follow, musicality/catch the beat.
    Progressive: start easy then gradually raise the challenge, basic casino moves then more complex combinations, footwork, bodywork, lead/follow, musicality, AfroCuban, Rumba.
    It helps if you come with a dance partner, but if you don’t have one no worries, just turn up and we will pair you with other dancers. Feel free to use our private social network to coordinate with a dance partner ahead of time!

  • 20:30 – Social Dancing until 22:30 with the famous DJ Sacha from Cambridge!
    The best sound system and the best salsa tunes in Cambridge, unarguably.
    Please wash your hands, use hand gel provided, masks recommended.

    The Lab Bar, 90 Regent St, Cambridge CB2 1DP – google Maps.
    Parking options:
    • single yellow line along Regent street free from 7pm
    • then along Park Terrace
    • then Queen Anne Terrace covered pay park (but can be expensive)
    • Harvey Road free Sunday whole day, 4min walk to The Lab
    • Gresham Road free after 5pm
    • along Lensfield road.

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The weekly class fee is £8, which includes a 1hr class from 19:30 followed by two hours of social dancing until 22:30. If you are only interested in the social, the fee is £5. Fees for special workshops will also appear in the drop down menu below.
LUANDA WORKSHOPS: afternoon workshop including evening class and party at no extra cost: 1 date £34.- / 2 dates £65.- / 3 dates £95.-.
It is recommended to book online in advance with the PayPal button below. We are also able to take card and contactless payments at the venue. Cash payments are not accepted.
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Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

We look forward to meeting you! 😀

Why our salsa classes are the best:

  • The classes are about you, not about us: we care about helping you to progress with your dancing in a safe, fun and friendly environment.
  • It is not the olympic games: you progress at your own rhythm, no competition, you do it for your own personal growth and enjoyment – it is about discovering your inner dancer while having pleasure in the practice and making new friends in the process!
  • Quality everywhere, no compromise on anything. Our teachers are trained with referenced professional masters and have full liability insurance. We play music on a high quality sound system and the venue is fully air-conditioned.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any question!

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Meet our teaching team

Our salsa teachers are fully trained and insured - they are also fun and friendly people to be with! :-D


Salsa Instructor

Kellie started training with Sacha in early 2013 and has since attended many international festivals and training camps, including RuedaFest, SBK and more. Her explanations are superclear, she is a mover with an amazing positive energy and her footwork choreographies have made a name for themselves. She is also the group's master decorator and cake-maker. (Yum!)


Salsa Instructor

Rachel joined the group in 2017 after being intrigued by the music and the dance at one of our street demos. With an extensive background in ballet dancing since childhood, the raise in her salsa dancing abilities has been absolutely stellar! For the past couple of years she has been following intensive AfroCuban training as one of Luanda Pau's Performance Group students. As a former school teacher, her teaching style is patient, supportive and loads of fun!

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